The Big City

When one thinks about big cities, one usually thinks of the people, the cars, the filth. That’s not what I think about. I think about the huge amounts of people who are each doing their own thing, meanwhile being mingled amongst thousands of others who are also doing their own thing. I think about the brilliance of architecture, the beauty of structures, and the fascinating efficiency of public transportation.

The city I am referring to, of course, is none other than San Francisco. I will be spending the next three months living here, and although it has only been a few days, I am loving it here. I wake up in the morning, walk on the balcony of my apartment in Mission Bay, and take a deep breath of the city air as I stare at the beautiful bay and watch the KT go by. I make myself a plate of eggs and a cup of coffee. After, I join the masses on their commute to work via the KT, get off at Embarcadero, and then proceed to work at the Landmark building. It sounds tedious, but it is really beautiful.

There is something amazing about the journey. I am surrounded by thousands of other people who are doing the same exact thing as me. I am surrounded by thousands of people who have never interacted with me, yet they feel my breath, my presence, and my aura. They, however, have no idea who I am. It makes me question who I am.

Words simply cannot describe the feelings that I feel as I walk around a big city. Whether it be the mysteries of public transportation, the beauty of walking home on the Embarcadero, the great feeling of a 5 minute walk to the nearest Safeway, or the unbelievably large amounts of daily interaction with unbelievably large amounts of people. This place is just amazing.

In fact, I really wonder what my purpose was in writing this post. I actually do not think that there was a purpose at all. I really just wanted to spew words about how much I enjoy the big city and how much I enjoy this lifestyle. Being from Temecula, a city where to get anywhere you had to drive, this walk-and-go lifestyle is extremely fascinating to me. Just as when I visited Boston, I am so excited to be here. Every day, I wake up with a smile on my face because I get to experience the Frisco lifestyle.

Will it get old in a few months like my colleagues are telling me? I hope not. At this rate, I will be living here permanently in no time.


In short, I love San Francisco and everything it has to offer.

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