Open Source Projects

  • 618Cast – A simple Chromecast powered dashboard with weather and a task list.
  • downloadDeleter.c – A C program meant to delete files older than X days
  • HTML-IDEx – A WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows written in VB.NET
  • PCFramework – A framework and set of tools used for managing and running programming competitions
  • PyCFramework – A rigorous refactoring of PCFramework in Python. A framework and set of tools used for automating the management and running of programming competitions.
  • SimpleStopwatch – A simple stopwatch app written for the Pebble
  • SQLiteDatabaseManager – A simple wrapper for .NET SQLite database management
  • – A simple updater backend library for .NET projects
  • zimdown – A ZIM to Markdown conversion tool written in C

Closed Source Projects/Products

  • – Started at LA Hacks 2015. A tool to find recipes that maximize ingredient usage. It has since been disabled.


  • dotfiles – My linux configuration files


  • ieng6stats – A small project to provide statistics about the number of users SSHing into UCSD’s student-accessible Linux server
  • Human Condition Stats – A graphical representation of word analysis for a research project based on what people think about humanity itself.
  • Notes – My computer science notes, written in Markdown
  • OSTracker – See what Operating System I’m currently logged into and what I use most!
  • OSTracker2 – OSTracker, but with a cleaner API and Python client

Project Archive

There are several projects which I once worked hard on but have since been abandoned for whatever reason. Those projects are listed below:

  • Notifier for VB.NET (01 April 2011) – A library for VB.NET which makes displaying taskbar notifications simple.
  • UpdateVB (09 August 2010) – A VB.NET component for handling program updates
  • HTML-IDEx (26 December 2010) – A WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows written in VB.NET