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Late Night Ramblings About the Asus UX305

As I lie in bed messing around with my ux305, there are a few things that I have noticed that are driving me a little crazy. Since I am too tired to formulate my thoughts in a formal way, I shall simply use bullets to express them.

  • There seems to be a fair amount of light-bleed coming from the right side and the bottom of this laptop’s gorgeous screen. If I press on the bezel of either of these sides, I notice that the lightbleed grows towards the center of the screen. This does not happen on the left or the top and I don’t have much experience with lightbleed, so I don’t know how bad or normal this actually is.
  • Binding the brightness keys has proven to be a challenge in Arch Linux. Running `xev`, I have determined that the keys assigned XF86MonBrightnessUp and XF86MonBrightnessDown are actually the keys located to the left of the brightness keys (The keys without any indication of what they are.. the blank keys). This is truly problematic and I will look into a solution. As far as my knowledge goes, this is a Linux problem.

Anyway, I digress.