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Moving Projects off of CodePlex

On March 31, Codeplex announced its plans to shut-down. Although this might be bad for competition in the hosted-repository space, I understand why Microsoft felt the need to shut-down its service.

Personally, I had 3 projects hosted on Codeplex: HTML-IDEx, UpdateVB, and NotifierForVB. I have decided to archive the latter two in a versioned zip file. Since HTML-IDEx has had some fairly recent membership requests, I moved it to GitHub.

Making the choice to archive UpdateVB and NotifierForVB was a tough one. After all, they were both artifacts of my first early years of programming and were used extensively in the software I created during that time. However, they both had not received any updates in nearly 7 years. Since I was quite the inexperienced programmer at that time, I also expect these libraries to be riddled with small issues and bugs.

UpdateVB is a unique case, since I actually started working on its successor in 2014. Thus, the decision to archive it was purely for historical purposes. If you are looking to use UpdateVB, please use update.net instead.

NotifierForVB, on the other hand, is a library that’s about 30 lines of code and strongly tied to the Krypton Toolkit (which is apparently now open source). Due to its simplicity and lack of usefulness, I’ve decided to archive it for historical purposes without a successor.

HTML-IDEx is my only project hosted on Codeplex that had real community collaboration. Further, it is the only open-source project owned by BrandonSoft. Due to a few membership requests in 2017, its popularity, and its tie-in with BrandonSoft, I’ve decided to package the source code and move it to GitHub. If git is not your thing, a versioned zip archive will also be hosted here.

It was a tough decision to officially deprecate and decommission two of my older projects, but it was in the best interests of those who may have wanted to use the libraries (Definitely don’t use them!) and for me and my dwindling free-time.

Thank you to everyone who supported, used, and helped create UpdateVB, NotifierForVB, and HTML-IDEx. You can view the projects in the Archive section of the code page.