Twin Peaks

How can anyone possibly believe
that they are more than a speck?

Houses and buildings down below
with movement far from sight.

This is how it will be
when we fade away.
Life’s beauty is temporary.

When I sit up here, where the land seems to touch the sky, and the insignificance of life is made clear, I think about my goals. I only have so much time to experience and enjoy human life as it currently exists. With that being said, I think that the concept of “settling down” is reserved for a later time – for when my children need a stable place to grow and mature. Until then, while I have no obligations elsewhere, I plan to travel the world and absorb the human experience from many differnet viewpoints. I plan to work hard doing something that will help the advancement of humanity – not just on this planet, but hopefully on others as well. Only when I have satisfactory stability will I “settle down”, hopefully raising my children without at the same time struggling to meet standards set by society, as my parents struggled to do.

The last years of my life have been spent catching up with what humanity has accomplished in the past: The advancements made in mathematics, the sciences, and the arts. It is important to know how we made it to this point, so that we may humbly advance to the next. Every day, each individual aids in the advancement of the human species, each in their own way.

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